I originally met the adorable pug Oliver through the “waves lengths” several years ago. Oliver at that point had been diagnosed with IBS/IBD (irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease) a catch all phrase for dogs with chronically loose stool. He had been to close to a dozen vets, put on many drugs, and yet he was still failing. IBS symptoms can kill dogs and Oliver's person, Priscilla, was understandably worried when she reached out to me. But through phone consultations and my recommendations, Oliver was turned around and still here today. A real IBS success story.

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Skunkles III: All We Need Is Love

Because I work remotely almost all of the time, a person might wonder how fun or interactive my job is. I don’t have the pleasure of meeting both people and animals face to face and in the flesh, so perhaps my work could be viewed as boring.

What people may not understand is that the distance doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong connection or a way to get feedback so I can continue to grow as a healer.

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Bouncing Back: Flurry's Reprieve from Mast Cell Tumors

Flurry developed mast cell cancer in late 2017. A mass started on her foot and then spread all over her body. She had tumors on her feet, legs, face, head, and back and they just kept spreading. The tumors were an angry red, sensitive to touch, and rock hard. As the cancer advanced and masses got larger, Flurry became sicker and sicker. Her appetite was not strong and her energy was very low. Prednisone was started early April 2018 to attempt to get her appetite and energy to come back.

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