I originally met the adorable pug Oliver through the “waves lengths” several years ago. Oliver at that point had been diagnosed with IBS/IBD (irritable bowel syndrome and irritable bowel disease) a catch all phrase for dogs with chronically loose stool. He had been to close to a dozen vets, put on many drugs, and yet he was still failing. IBS symptoms can kill dogs and Oliver's person, Priscilla, was understandably worried when she reached out to me. But through phone consultations and my recommendations, Oliver was turned around and still here today. A real IBS success story.

Energy work came into play several months later when 2 of Oliver's old dog house mates died, leaving Oliver in a deep depression. Unwilling to eat much or engage in life and no longer a young dog himself—this is a more serious situation than what many people realize. Dogs can and do get stuck in their grief and the older they are, the more concerning it is. Deep, stuck grief suppresses the immune system in people and dogs, and it opens them up to many diseases namely cancer. I sadly have witnessed many dogs over the years (non-client dogs) who for one reason or another didn’t choose energy work for the grief stricken dog that die within several months of a major loss that affects the living dog at a deep emotional level. Many of these dogs would still be alive, if they had utilized energy work to help the dog release the stuck grief.

Fortunately, Priscilla reached out again with a “Help! Can you do anything?” This was at a stage in my life that I was not advertising the energy work, so Priscilla did not even know about it. I was still finding my courage to share my gift with the world, but my intuition was SCREAMING at me: Oliver needed my help and he needed an energy session. Nervously I suggested energy work for Oliver (long distance as he lives about 2,000 miles from me), and Priscilla was all over it. So we set a time that evening and I talked Priscilla through the process, and we did a session. Evening sessions are nice, because the house is usually quiet and the dog can just relax, fall to sleep and stay sleeping throughout the night. The energy work continues working after the session is over and the deep sleep after a session is very healing.

Oliver woke up the next morning a new dog! Hungry, animated and very much engaged! The spark was back and he was ready to rejoin life again! While Priscilla said that I saved his life with the IBS cure, the truth is, that his life was also saved by helping him let go of his profound grief.

So, now, we jump to present time. Priscilla once again reached out as she was just back from ER with Oliver, and something was terribly wrong. I queried what was going on and then asked if they had tested for lyme disease. And they had, but it was negative. But his acute symptoms sounded like lyme to me. Sadly the ER Dr very strongly said it wasn’t lymes and that he was just an old dog. Yes, sadly, Prisclla’s concerns were just brushed aside.

Priscilla is a fantastic dog guardian that knows her dogs very well and she listens to her gut so she didn’t just accept what the ER vet said and pursued other avenues. She is the one that saved his life this time around by her decision to not listen to an “expert” when it didn’t feel right.

So we set up a plan for Oliver: I would do energy work on him, but she needed to go to a good holistic vet to do “muscle testing (applied kinesiology) and test for lymes using that method. She agreed. And she already knew of a great holistic vet.

We did a session on Oliver - now very weak and hardly able to walk. Oliver had a LOT of energy blocks! And I could feel that he wanted the help in letting them go and was very ready to accept help. There was one release after another - releases went on and on - which is a really good thing!

That evening, after the energy session, Oliver literally couldn’t walk. While this understandably is concerning for a guardian, I felt that he needed to sleep deeply and morning would be different. And it was. While he still was a weak dog, he was able to walk on his own and he simply felt better. He had a very noticeable “shift” in his energy - which I always look for the next day. So, once again, he responded very well.

The vet appointment followed and as I suspected, the vet verified lymes and prescribed doxycycline. While dogs can recover from tick diseases via other modalities, utilizing antibiotics is generally very quick, effective and safe. And Oliver has responded very well.

Did he need the energy work then? Yes, he did. He had significant energy blocks in his body and that is most likely why he succumbed to the lymes to begin with. Not all dogs (or people) that are exposed to tick diseases will become infected. The doxycycline would have addressed the lymes symptoms regardless, but it would not have addressed the reason he got the lymes to begin with. If the body’s energy field (“chi”) is blocked, it sets up the body for dis-ease. The energy session allowed the body to heal at a level beyond the antibiotics. Both were needed: antibiotics to address the outward lymes symptoms, and energy work to address the inward symptoms.

As people start to understand the energy workings of the body more and more, they will begin to see that to have health - true health - the energy system of the body needs to remain in balance. Unfortunately, with the current way the body is viewed, many people just address “symptoms” and not root causes. Symptoms may go away temporarily, but if the dogs energy system is weak, unbalanced or blocked, more symptoms will arise, many times worse than the first ones. Utilizing energy work to keep a dogs body balanced can help keep your dog in true “good health” and that is the needed base for a long, healthy lifetime.