When Medicine Fails: Finding new life for Skunkles

If a person is a bit skeptical on the effectiveness of energy healing for conditions such as cancer—this is a must read:

It is so very appropriate to have my blogger debut be based around a wonderful dog named Skunkles. Skunkles resides in Canada—I would suppose 1500 miles from me. So all energy work is done remotely, and I have never met Skunkles in person, but I hope someday I can have that honor.

Skunkles tumor before energy work. 10" in circumference.

Skunkles tumor before energy work. 10" in circumference.

His story starts when his frantic owner Kaylie was referred to me and she contacted me out of shear desperation but perhaps not 100% belief in the ability of me being able to help. Skunkles has cancer and when she reached out, he was in very poor condition with a lot of pain and bleeding from the tumor on his leg. Skunkles had spent 2 days in the ER—trying to get the bleeding to stop and him to stabilize—with no success and sent Skunkles home to die. The ER gave him 1 week max—where he would either have to be put down due to severe pain or the circulation would be cut off in the leg due to the rapidly growing and aggressive tumor (hemangiosarcoma) on his leg. His leg, armpit and foot was very swollen and extremely bruised appearing at this point. It wasn’t a viable option (or rather logical) to amputate the leg due to his lungs also having masses (known via a CT scan).

I was contacted at about 11:00 at night. When I inquired if this was “serious and urgent,” the response was “very.” Without hesitation, I directed Kaylie what to do on her end during an energy session and I began work. Since it was late at night, instead of speaking with her afterwards, I said that we would talk the next day.

The report in the morning was amazing: Skunkles felt GREAT! In fact, so terrific that Kaylie was afraid that he was going to zoom around and hit the tumor—which had markedly slowed in bleeding! And the swelling and bruising had significantly decreased and Skunkles showed no sign of pain. By evening, the bleeding had completely stopped. The next day it had started to scab over and all swelling and bruising was completely gone.

All that in only one healing session.

The next few weeks were up and down. As much as Kaylie wanted to believe that the energy healing was the key, she was so understandably afraid of losing Skunkles, that she continually sought out other help. Her own vet—a holistic vet—was not optimistic at all that Skunkles would be around much longer—and that further fueled Kaylie’s fear.

So what often happens with the case of cancer and owners desperate to extend life, the “kitchen sick” was thrown at Skunkles in regard to traditional Chinese herbs and supplements to help fight cancer. And that combination caused Skunkles to crash and the week following the healing session he started spiraling downhill and in a lot of pain. Leg swelled up again and started to bleed. What Kaylie did at that point probably saved his life: she stopped ALL supplementation and just continued him on his raw diet and lots of love. She contacted me and I did a session. The next morning Skunkles had a follow up vet appointment (Skunkles like so many dogs, does not like going to the vet, so he looks “shutdown”), and the vet felt he was in severe pain and recommended that he be put down right then. Kaylie said she needed more time to say goodbye—so Skunkles was sent home with massive pain killers that completely knocked him out and the end-of-life appointment was made for 6 PM the next day. When Kaylie got home from the vet, I did another energy session on him.

The next morning Skunkles was completely out of it—due to the high doses of pain killers—and he remained in that drugged state the whole day as Kaylie tried to come to terms with letting him go at 6:00 that evening.

At 5:00 pm, Skunkles woke up, cleared eyed and demanding a walk—barking, dancing and feeling good. He did not look like a dog ready to “go” and Kaylie cancelled the appointment. Many naysayers warned Kaylie of the usual “many animals get a boost of energy right before they leave” to try and prevent her from getting her hopes up.

I did another energy session.

The next day, Skunkles felt great. And the day after that.

Then he started coughing (it was known he had cancer in his lungs), so I worked specifically on his lungs. And the coughing went away the next day. Then he slipped on the ice and hurt his good leg and was severely limping, so I worked on that 2 times in 4 days and it completely resolved.

Skunkles tumor after energy work. 8.5" in circumference.

Skunkles tumor after energy work. 8.5" in circumference.

Fast forward to today—2 months after Kaylie first contacted me and the ER vet saying he would be dead within a week, and the regular vet saying he was at end of life and should be put down. Kaylie wrote me this morning: “He is a (delightful) maniac—so much energy and life to him! No coughing, no limping, no pain. He feels GREAT!”

Close friends of Kaylie have stated that they have never seen him feel as good as he has been feeling this last 6 weeks. The rapidly growing and aggressive tumor on his leg has not grown at all in the 2 months since I have started working on him. He is off ALL other supplements and medications. All he is getting is a healthy raw food diet and energy work. I am now working on him every day to help boost his immune system and let his body heal.

Not bad for a dog that was supposed to succumb to cancer 2 months ago! While we don’t know what the future holds for Skunkles, it is a delight that his quality of life has so dramatically improved due to the energy work!