Bouncing Back: Flurry's Reprieve from Mast Cell Tumors

Ratings are 1–10 with 10 being the best or most.


Flurry developed mast cell cancer in late 2017. A mass started on her foot and then spread all over her body. She had tumors on her feet, legs, face, head, and back and they just kept spreading. The tumors were an angry red, sensitive to touch, and rock hard. As the cancer advanced and masses got larger, Flurry became sicker and sicker. Her appetite was not strong and her energy was very low. Prednisone was started early April 2018 to attempt to get her appetite and energy to come back.

Flurry's owner Dayna was gone for five days and returned home Sunday May 6, 2018. Flurry had stayed home with Dayna's husband Scott, but her prednisone had run out prednisone and she had rapidly declined. The largest mass on Flurry’s back was three times as big than when Dayna left. It was infected, oozing, and hard, and Flurry would wince if it was touched. It was very painful. Flurry was listless, with little interest in food. She was quickly declining.

Monday morning Flurry refused all food and trembled in pain. Prednisone was started again late Monday. Tuesday there was little improvement but she was drinking and peeing a lot, including needing to go outside to pee in the middle of the night. Wednesday Flurry had some appetite back but not with gusto. The masses remained the same: big, bright red, hard, and painful. Flurry’s condition stayed the same over the next several days with no further improvement.

Ratings prior to Session
Energy level: 2
Appetite: 2–3
Pain: 8–9
Overall: 4


Dayna reached out to me on Friday and we did a session on Sunday evening. During the session, I picked up that Flurry was carrying a lot of Dayna’s grief of losing her dad suddenly and unexpectedly 1 year prior. I worked on both Dayna and Flurry to help them process and let go of any stuck emotions. And I worked on Flurry’s immune system to help her mount a better response to cancer.

After we were done, Dayna reported that she had gone through a lot of emotions and crying during the session, which was a good release for her. I also gave her an assignment to do that evening with Flurry. That night both Dayna and Flurry slept like logs throughout the night with no outside pee breaks needed for Flurry and no waking up and not getting back to sleep for Dayna.

Immediate Results

Monday morning the changes were already remarkable: Flurry rushed the door to come back inside after her morning pee in an excited, animated manner. Dayna was caught off guard that her dog who had only plodded slowly for the last month suddenly ran to the door. They both rushed inside with Dayna now wondering what the masses looked like. The big mass on Flurry's back was now considerably smaller, and it was soft, supple, and pliable. It was no longer painful when touched. Dayna then unwrapped Flurry’s feet, which she kept wrapped at all times because they would bleed so easily. The skin was now a normal, healthy pink color and not so fragile and thin.

Flurry’s appetite was back to fantastic that morning as well. Dayna reported that Flurry was a “Starvin’ Marvin”.

Ratings after Session
Energy level: 5
Appetite: 9
Pain: 4
Overall: 7–8

Flurry’s skin after energy healing is a healthy pink color and much less painful.

Two Week Results

At the two week post-session mark, Flurry has continued to improve. Her appetite has remained completely normal and she is  her usual ravenous self. Now, instead of going outside and pooping and peeing right off the patio and then lying down, she gladly follows Dayna around the large yard, trotting to keep up. She is now more interactive with both Dayna and Scott, more “connected” than she has ever been to them. And they feel more “connected” to her as well.

Flurry’s feet have remained unwrapped these past two weeks, and they no longer get abraided easily and bleed. She has been off prednisone for almost a week and instead of crashing and burning like she did before, she is stable with more improvements occurring. 

Ratings at Two Weeks
Energy level: 6–7
Appetite 9–10
Pain: 0 unless back mass is poked hard, then 5-6
Overall: 7–8

Two weeks later, Flurry is bouncing around.

I'll post updates about Flurry as more time passes. Click here to learn more about who Flurry is and to read about all this from Dayna's perspective.