Skunkles III: All We Need Is Love

Because I work remotely almost all of the time, a person might wonder how fun or interactive my job is. I don’t have the pleasure of meeting both people and animals face to face and in the flesh, so perhaps my work could be viewed as boring.

What people may not understand is that the distance doesn’t mean that I don’t have a strong connection or a way to get feedback so I can continue to grow as a healer. The connect or what I feel during the session followed up by a conversation with the guardian (if I worked on an animal) or the person, gives me a lot of information to both help steer the direction of how to best help as well as giving me to opportunity to evolve.

Now that everyone is well acquainted with Skunkles, I can share just how wonderful this beautiful canine is. While I may never really know what his purpose is in this life time, I am convinced he is here teaching and helping people, including me, evolve into better living souls.

When Skunkles went into a sudden decline after Kaylie had an emotionally charged phone conversation (you can read about that in the previous post), both Kaylie and I felt that he was approaching the end of his life. The first time I worked on him after the emotional phone call didn’t do anything to help him, and I thought, “That isn’t good." He had never NOT responded before. The next day, I did another session with him and very quickly, the session felt very different. I didn’t think I had a strong connection nor was I having releases during the session. While my going through a series of releases is very common, healing isn’t contingent on if I do or don’t. However, I had worked on Skunkles a lot and always had releases and had a certain rhythm when I worked on him. But not that night. My head then quickly went to the thought,  “This is the end”.

Not sure what I should do, I decided on simply making a warm, fuzzy connection with Skunkles. So, instead of connecting to him by sending healing energy, I simply backed off that and opened up my heart more fully, and via my surrogate dog, I  talked to, touched, embraced and sent love to Skunkles. It was a very quiet, calm, and connecting session without trying to heal him. In short, I was saying goodbye with my voice, my touch, and my love towards him. I honestly didn’t ever expect that I would work on him again.

When Kaylie excitedly reported the next morning that Skunkles felt great and had rebounded, I was both happy and dumbfounded. Really? What happened? I knew something had occurred that I didn’t think was healing, but clearly it was. And that was fully opening up to love.

He was back and we weren’t going to stop the sessions. I then added something which I had not been doing before to any extent: As I wrapped up, I made a conscious choice to thank Skunk, place my face next to his via my surrogate dog, and just connect and feel the love.

I didn’t share this with Kaylie, it just became part of the session. The next morning Kaylie reported that Skunkles was very happy and silly. The fourth evening in a row that I worked on him, I did a similar wrap-up, but it became a real lovefest when two more of my dogs joined in. I then had three dogs that I was placing my cheeks next to, telling them wonderful things, telling Skunkles wonderful things. My dogs were wagging tails, leaning in, and soaking it all up. I naturally had a big smile on my face, and my heart was genuinely warm as I interacted with now three surrogate dogs and Skunkles on the other end. It was a truly wonderful, elevated feeling. 

I wrapped up and, as I usually do, texted Kaylie that I was done. She texted back and said, “Skunkles is wild and silly in a very good way!!" She said she couldn’t keep him settled (as I request during a session) as he was just too happy! In further conversation, I came to find that Skunk had been settled until the last five minutes, when he suddenly jumped up, got all silly, and started tossing his toys in the air and running around the house. I had done the lovefest the last five minutes of the session.

And something else extraordinary happened which was completely unexpected: Kaylie had a pronounced shift as well. While Kaylie intellectually was thankful for this extra three and a half months that she has had with Skunkles, she still struggled deeply with the intense fear of him eventually dying. That fear blocked her from completely enjoying being with him and being present to him. While I had worked on Kaylie to help her let go, find acceptance, and enjoy each day with Skunkles, she was unable to find that space and remained in fear of what the future would bring. However, when I shifted gears on my end—fully opening to just sending love and no agenda of healing—not only did Skunkles completely respond, so did Kaylie. She suddenly found herself knowing that she was going to be ok and that she could now, in fact, be fully in the moment with Skunkles, genuinely grateful for their time together. She found peace and a new-found ability to let go of outcome. The heavy burden left her shoulders and her heart, and she also rejoined living life.

All of this, and the energy work in general, still amazes me. Just when I think I have figured it out, something extraordinary happens. To see such a pronounced shift in both Skunkles and Kaylie when I had thought time was running out for Skunkles and was concerned about Kaylie's well-being: to witness this shift to inner peace and acceptance is something I will never forget. All it took was a heavy dose of love being sent over the energy waves!

In case anyone is wondering, yes, I have added lovefest to my general energy routine. Perhaps the Beatles had it right all along: All we need is love!!