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End of Life


Healing comes in many forms, and in end-of-life energy work, it isn't about the cure; rather it's about acceptance, support, and openness to the process. The healing comes at soul level, not physical.

End of life can be profoundly sad and intimidating for both the person and the animal that is dying. Sometimes there are so many emotions tied together between the living and the dying that it can make the process of letting go difficult. Soul Story Energy Healing can help ease the process and helps bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the dying so they can let go.

With animals, this generally means that I am present, usually remotely, at the time of transition, which in many cases is at euthanasia. I will connect with your animal ahead of time and stay with them throughout the process.

This is usually time sensitive and generally can’t be scheduled. I will do my best to accommodate every request. If you need my assistance for end-of-life work please contact me immediately -preferably by text or phone- only utilizing email if you are outside of the USA or Canada.