© Anne Wolff Nichols 2018

© Anne Wolff Nichols 2018




My dog has some significant health issues that Anne has been a big part of in addressing. I work with 2 integrative vets, as well as Anne, on a regular basis to help give my girl Lily a high quality of life. All three of Lily’s health team know each other and support each other in helping Lily.

Anne’s outstanding observation skills, thinking-outside-of-the-box approach and extensive background working with dogs—combined with her powerful gift of energy healing—has given me many insights and different angles so I can better manage a dog with mobility challenges, incontinence, and GI issues. Anne, at times, has picked up on issues going on that the vets have missed.

I have utilized Anne for distance energy work and phone consults as well as driven Lily to her, a 3 hour drive one way, for Anne to work on her directly. Lily has also stayed with Anne (in her house!) for several days so she can get hands-on daily work to help keep her mobile.

Working with Anne is easy, from setting up an appointment to easy payment with Square. She is quick to follow up to make sure my dog is still doing ok, generous with her time, and so very thorough! Her interest in Lily’s well being is very genuine.

I can’t recommend Anne enough—she is the real deal! Her compassion, skills, and gifts are so extensive! While it is hard to speculate where Lily would be without Anne’s help and guidance, what I can say for sure is that Lily’s quality of life is significantly better because of Anne. And Anne has helped my quality of life as well. Having a special needs dog needs a special person to help, and Anne is that person!



When I found Anne, I was very desperate and feeling so hopeless. My 11 year old pug, Oliver, had suffered with IBS and chronic diarrhea for 5 months and had dropped to an unhealthy weight. I had consulted with 10 veterinarians both traditional and holistic, and given every medicine they recommended. I had tried every food known to man. Antibiotics helped, but only put a band-aide on the problem. The minute Oliver came off them, it was back to the diarrhea. Several of the veterinarians said he would probably have to be on antibiotics for the rest of his life. Not a great option. I spent hours a day scouring the internet for help when I came across Anne’s website. I had a really good feeling when I saw it and felt hopeful again. After talking with her, within 24 hours, Oliver was on the mend! He was doing really well and then sadly, for him and us, he lost 2 of his siblings to old age. He was so sad and depressed. Once again, Anne was able to connect with him. Even though she was 2,000 miles away, she communicated with him on a very deep level that allowed him to move on from his grief and be joyful again. The very next day I saw a shift in him. He was back to his old self, able to move on from the loss of his dear friends. I have no idea how or what exactly happened, but it was very clear that with Anne’s guidance, he was able to let go of his sadness and be happy again. What a wonderful sight to see! From the moment we started working with Anne, Oliver began to heal ... with no medicine! And he got better and better every day. Complete healing took several months. Today, he is a happy, healthy 13-year-old pug doing fantastically. I am forever grateful and thankful for Anne. She quite literally saved my Oliver’s life. I would highly recommend her.



Aggie came to us by accident. She was a two-year-old rescue pitbull fostered by our neighbor. I’d never had a pitbull and I’d never had a rescue dog, but I fell in love in with her. She fit in well with our two bullmastiffs, and she clearly wanted to stay. So we kept her.

Over the next several months it became clear that Aggie was holding on to emotional trauma she had experienced prior to coming to us. I knew some of her history—she had been in a southern California shelter for eight months, adopted once and returned, then trucked overnight to Seattle for fostering—but I didn’t know all of it. While gentle, sweet, and loving, she was also anxious, frightened, and lacking in confidence. We suspected that in addition to being on the street at some point and dumped at least once, Aggie had been harshly treated and perhaps hit. While I could work with her to develop our relationship and positive behaviors, I didn’t know how to help her let go of her trauma so she could move on and embrace life as a beloved family dog. She just seemed stuck. Then I found Anne.

I made a remote appointment or Anne to work on Aggie. I told her nothing about Aggie’s history and current behaviors before our first session. During her session, Aggie rested quietly but I felt many emotions move through me—heaviness, grief, sorrow, and then a lightening of spirit and a sense of energy. After the session, Anne described feeling those same emotions. She also described feeling surrounded by concrete, and isolated, cold, confused, lonely, and abandoned. Exactly what I imagine Aggie had felt during eight months in a small, concrete shelter kennel. Hearing Anne describe those emotions and impressions from Aggie’s past helped explain what I was seeing in my dog now. As we ended our conversation, Anne gave me some guidance on nutrition and training to support the work she had done.

The next morning there was a distinct shift. I noticed that Aggie’s body and muscles were warmer and more relaxed. Her energy seemed to come from joy and excitement rather than anxiety. She was more relaxed and less reactive on our walk. Her pitbull smile started to emerge.

When Aggie regressed after our lead dog died, Anne worked with her several more times to help her through that new grief and the resurfacing of the old trauma it triggered. I was initially worried that we were starting over, but Aggie moved through her grief rather than adding it to her inner stockpile, and two months later she was continuing to blossom behaviorally and emotionally.

Aggie now rests deeply, plays joyfully, and engages fully in family life. Her confidence and ability to focus in training continue to grow. She even wags in her sleep.
I can’t thank Anne enough for helping this shelter dog move beyond her trauma and embrace the love she deserves!